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After the Lions traded cornerback Darius Slay to the Eagles this offseason, Slay made no secret of the fact that he would not miss being around Lions head coach Matt Patricia.

Slay took issue with Patricia singling him out for criticism after a 2018 practice and with the coach allegedly telling him to “stop sucking this man’s private” after he posted a picture of a wide receiver on Instagram. An assistant coach told Slay that Patricia was trying to set an anti-social media tone with the team, but Slay responded by saying he “wasn’t trying to hear that because of the fact that I’m a grown man, he’s a grown man.”

Slay has not been experiencing the same kind of issues since getting to Philadelphia and used similar language to make his point. He said that he appreciates that the Eagles players are treated “like grown men” by the coaching staff and that they are given the “ability to be yourself.”

Eagles head coach Doug Pederson’s approach has been a successful one as the Eagles have won a Super Bowl and advanced to the playoffs two other times in his four years on the job. Patricia is looking for his first postseason appearance in Detroit and we’ll see if clearing out a rocky relationship with Slay helps him get there.